Beware of Email and Online Scams this Holiday Season!

‘Tis the season and with it comes a slew of digital scams! With ever-increasing online holiday shopping, digital scams are rampant. Here are five tips for avoiding digital scams:

1) If you receive an email and do not recognize the sender, DO NOT OPEN IT! If you receive an email from a known sender, but it has no language in the body of the email, simply an unexpected attachment, do not open it, delete it from your inbox, and from your trash bin.

2) Do not click on any links, which you do not recognize.

3) If you receive an email confirming “your order” and you did not place an order, it’s fake! Do not open it.

4) If a deal sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Be cautious when visiting websites and clicking links which are not established and trustworthy.

5) Do not share any sensitive information, including passwords with anyone. Do not release any personal funds or funds on behalf of your company, forward W-2 forms, or share any confidential information without verbally confirming the requester is legitimate.

Don’t let the scammers catch you this holiday season! Follow these steps to avoid being scammed!